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***PF 24-C cold hardy

This freestone peach ripens 22 days after Redhaven. This extraordinary peach had to be thinned  very hard in 1999 when a winter freeze in Southwestern Michigan  wiped out all other varieties. Then in 2002 there was a very late spring freeze, May 21st, and 15 varieties all around  this cultivar failed and it again had a full crop. This is a very unique peach variety that has it all.  This peach is large, firm, highly colored, bacterial spot resistant, and has excellent, rich flavor. I believe this is the best peach for anyone with a questionable peach growing location. The tree is very tough with strong natural right angle crotches and it blooms late. The fruit has much better size and quality than other varieties thought to be hardy such as Reliance and Madison.  April 4th of 2007 we had a very cold night with temperatures below 20 degrees F. and several nights in the low twenties following a very warm week. The preceding week of warm weather brought the blooms to an almost open state. This variety, deliberately planted in the lowest place on the farm, again, came through with flying colors

PF 24-007

This giant freestone peach ripens about 22 days after Redhaven, and is well known for its extremely large size, ( 3" and up )  This peach has excellent flavor, is firm, and colors well with multiple pickings. This variety has been recognized and certified as the world's largest peach, it is listed in "The Guinness World Book Of Records". Expenses raising it are minimum, with very little pruning or thinning required. Basically you just plant and pick this one. Because it has a lighter bud set than any of my other varieties. I both prune and thin this orchard in 20% of the time taken on all other varieties.  This variety does very well in New Jersey and there are very large, successful plantings of it there. In other locations, as it has a much lighter bud set than any other Flamin' Fury variety, cropping results vary from very good to not so good depending on location and site. With this in consideration I strongly recommend planting PF 24C- cold hardy, for about the same season, on lesser locations or sites.

(description at Clemson U. 2011, huge fruit, 14 brix, good taste)


PF Paramount 24TM NEW

This fantastic new introduction  is named Paramount because it has such huge, great tasting, sweet, high quality, high yielding, bac spot resistant fruit. I  recommend it for the mid season above both PF 24-007 and PF 24C- cold hardy for those of us who do not have either a super site or a need for a particularly hardy variety. It blows both away with consistent heavy crops of outstanding large flavorful fruit.

*PF 22-007 

Ripens in this time slot and is a particularly late bloomer and has very large fruit. Marty Mincer, a peach grower in Iowa is doing well with this variety. This freestone variety is also noted for very sweet fruit. Jerry Frecon, Fruit Agent, Rutgers University, describes this peach as large to very large with very good flavor.  This variety is available at Stark Brothers Nursery.

Flamin' Early Red TM NEW

It ripens 2 weeks before Honey Crisp. It has excellent texture, color, sweet flavor and is a consistent bearer. The tree is naturally spreading and bears fruit on both spurs and tips.

This excellent, high quality, early apple is available at Stark Bros.

***Bubblegum Plum®

This exciting plum ripens 20 days after Redhaven and is the most exciting plum for retail marketing to ever come down the pike, in my opinion. It has the essence and taste of bubblegum which has driven our retail customers wild. Our retail patrons of all status and economic levels request this plum way before and after their availability every season. We sell this plum 20 to 1 over any other plum at our farm stands throughout the season, it is an unbelievable winner. It requires another variety for cross pollination, This variety is available at Stark Bros. Wholesale Nursery phone # 800-435-8733, Boyer Nursery,717-677-8558, Grandpa's Orchards, 800-386-5600 and at Mori Nursery in Canada 905-468-3217. Varieties that are suggested to pollinate this great plum are Pipestone, Waneta and Superior. This variety is very hardy and can be grown from zone 3 up.

***PF 19-007,

Released in (05), This is my very favorite mid season peach variety.

In various publications Jerry Frecon, Fruit Agent, Rutgers University, describes it as large to very large with low susceptibility to bac spot.

This freestone peach variety ripens 17 days after Redhaven and where two industry standards PF 17 and PF 23 overlap. In my opinion it has even better fruit quality and size than either of them. It has beautiful, highly colored firm fruit and has very low susceptibility to bac spot. It is very prolific and blooms late. In the 2002 season, when most varieties in Michigan froze from a spring frost, this variety had a full crop in a very low place. Yields per acre of this variety are very high and rival the well known yields of PF 17. Bob Best, (New Jersey grower and retailer) grows and likes lots of Flamin’ Fury varieties. Of all he likes PF 19-007 the very best. Dr. Desmond, Layne of Clemson University has reported the average size of this peach to be about 3 inches in diameter for 4 years now.

 Dick Okie, peach breeder at the USDA in Byron Georgia has used this variety as a parent in his genetic work, so he obviously also likes this variety.


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PF 23

Ripens 18 days after Redhaven. It is the first variety I ever released and has become a standard in the industry. It has been a continuous producer of very firm, highly colored, high quality peaches.