The Best Flamin' Fury® Fresh Market Peach Varieties

Flamin' Fury® Varieties + or - days of harvest

relative to the old standard Redhaven

  1. PF1                                                   - 30 days

  2. PF 5D Big                                         - 25 days

  3. PF 8 Ball White                                - 10 days

  4. PF 8 Ball                                          - 10 days

  5. PF Late 8 Ball                                    - 5 days

  6. PF 11 Nectarine                                 - 5 days

  7. PF 9A-007                                          - 2 days

  8. PF Lucky 13                                      + 6 days

  9. PF 19-007                                       + 16 days

  10. PF 22-007                                       + 20 days

  11. Bubblegum Plum®                          + 20 days

  12. PF 24-007                                       + 22 days

  13. PF Paramount                                 + 24 days

  14. PF 24-C cold hardy                         + 24 days

  15. PF 25                                              + 26 days

  16. PF 28-007                                       + 32 days

  17. PF 35-007 Fat Lady                        + 40 days

  18. PF Legendary                                 + 41 days

  19. PF Big George                                + 50 days

  20. PF Ka-Ching                                   + 50 days

  21. PF Fashionably Late                       + 54 days

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***PF 28-007

 This freestone peach has been ripening about 32 days after Redhaven. Phil Baugher of Adams Co. Nursery in (05) said, " I gathered 150 samples of peaches for our 100th anniversary and pulling samples of PF 28-007 was the easiest of any variety as every peach down the limb was suitable for the display at our celebration". I had the same experience, myself, preparing for a showcase in (06). Jerry Frecon and Dan Ward from Rutgers in New Jersey assisted me in pulling the sample and were also very impressed with this variety. Frecon has since described this variety as " An attractive late season peach with great size and color with low susceptibility to bac spot. In a 2006 letter from Jerry Frecon, "This variety was super"

(Clemson U., 3 years of fruit over 2 an 3/4", good flavor, average brix about 15.5)

***PF Fat Lady ( patented as PF 35-007) 

Ripens 40 days after Redhaven 

 I have named this peach PF Fat Lady because after I developed this great late peach all of the good names for late peaches like "Encore" and "Finale" were already taken which left me with "Fat Lady", "taint over till", LOL. This is a classy, large peach (2 3/4" and 3"). It is  highly colored for the very late season. It is particularly hardy coming thru with a good crop regularly and it blooms late. It's very freestone and bac spot resistant. It has better fruit color, flavor and a stronger tree than the older late varieties Fayette and Encore.

 I have held this variety in the cooler for three weeks after harvest for extended late sales several times now and the fruit always remains very juicy and tasty. I believe this peach is a real winner for the very late season.

 Jerry Frecon,Fruit Agent, Rutgers University, describes this variety as very large, very good flavor with low bac spot susceptibility.

Hardy in Va., Spring Valley Orchards

**PF Big George, New in (06)  

This freestone peach ripens 50 days after Redhaven. It keeps exceptionally well for extended periods in the cooler. It is very large with a lot of fruit over 3". It has very high color for such a late peach with very tasty firm flesh and is very freestone.

PF Legendary TM NEW

This astonishing variety ripens 41 days after Redhaven and has performed so well for so many years that in my old age I have named it PF Legendary. It has super fruit quality, flavor, sweetness and colors well for a late peach. It produces high yields of large bac spot resistant fruit. Because of it’s all around outstanding quality, I have named it PF Legendary as I expect it to be around a long time after I am gone.

PF 25  

This freestone late peach variety ripens 25 days after Redhaven. It produces big yields of highly colored  fruit with good size and good flavor. It is bac spot resistant and very freestone. This variety did exceedingly well in the wood cold hardiness testing that Dr Bob Andersen conducted in Geneva N.Y. Jan. 2004 with temperatures of a minus 18 degrees F.

PF Ka-Ching NectarineTM  NEW

This outstanding very late nectarine which ripens 50 days after Redhaven with Big George will ring your register. It has exceptional sweet flavor, brilliant color and is bac spot resistant. It bears heavy yields of firm, medium to large fruit.

It is available at Stark Bros. Nursery.


More of The Latest and Greatest

Flamin' Fury® Varieties

PF Fashionably LateTM NEW

This wonderful, juicy (look closely at the cut fruit) sweet peach ripens 54 days after Redhaven. It has large size, excellent firmness,texture, size and yield. I am proud to introduce this very late peach with such fantastic qualities over all. The one possible negative is that it tends to be somewhat clingy some years. With all of it’s other qualities and so late, I have not found that to be an issue.

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