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Paul Friday, private
Michigan peach breeder, with 52 years of variety selecting experience, has developed the Flamin' Fury® peach series which now spans a 15 week growing period. This series is rapidly becoming ubiquitous. It far out shines the "Haven" series which was certainly the standard of it's time. Truly freestone varieties in this series start 10 days before the Redhaven season, start with PF 8 Ball, an amazing early peach. In a short time PF Late 8 Ball will be available. It is freestone and ripens 5 days before Redhaven and is a great peach in all regards. Currently PF Lucky 13 is the best selling peach from this series. This notable, outstanding variety ripens 5 days after Redhaven. It has outstanding size, color, with very high yields of firm flavorful, sweet fruit.

The chill hours of the varieties in this series range from 600 to 750 hours making this series very adaptable to many growers in many states, Canada, Mexico and South Africa. Varieties from the Flamin' Fury® series are being grown very successfully in all peach growing states as well as several historically questionable areas, due to the unusual hardiness of specific varieties from this unique and unprecedented series.  Jerry Frecon, fruit agent, Rutgers University has found that the Flamin' Fury® series does very well in the varying growing conditions of eastern states. As a result of both field observations and laboratory testing Dr. Bob Andersen has found many varieties of this series to be very adaptable to the adverse growing conditions in New York and has highly recommended that many varieties from this series be planted there as well as many areas of Canada. Dr. Esmaeil Fallahi at the University of Idaho and James Pitts, the superintendent of the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station for Alburn University, have also found that  Flamin' Fury varieties do well in their specific areas.

To navigate this site, simply click on any of the topics located above. I am most appreciative and humbled by the very positive comments made by peach industry folks around the country about my work. Be sure to read the TESTIMONIAL PAGE.

 A very descriptive run down of  the superior  Flamin' Fury® varieties is found on

"The Best Flamin' Fury® Varieties" page.

To order trees from this series, please go to the Nursery/ Variety and Availability page.

Paul's peach variety test blocks, located on Friday Road, Coloma MI. have been in his family since 1846.


Paul has served as president of the National Peach Council for two consecutive terms and was a member of it's board for 12 years. He is past president of the Michigan Peach Sponsors and served on it's board of directors for over 25 years and was president 5 terms of the Michigan Certified Farm Marketers. He has been a featured speaker about his peach varieties in many states, Mexico and Canada.